Your Car Parts Road Trip Checklist

Road trips are an American tradition. Ever since car culture kicked off in the 1950’s, there’s something right about hitting the road, the only destination being “forwards.” Having said that, a perfect road trip can turn into a nightmare very quickly if something goes wrong with your car.

There’s nothing we like better than car trips, but we like to be prepared. Plus, with discount auto parts online, it’s cheaper and easier than ever to replace something that’s acting up. Read on for a list of things to check before you roll.

  • Fluids is a big one. Sure, you want a full tank of gas before you leave, but top off oil, water, coolants, transmission and brake fluids. This way you can avoid unexpected issues.

  • Be sure to check the air pressure on all 4 tires, and check them for wear and tear. Also, make sure your spare tire is in good order.

  • Eyeball the battery for loose connections, cracks and leaks. The terminals should have no corrosion and be clean and tight.

  • While you’re down there, check belts to make sure they’re not worn out or loose.

  • Test brakes and steering components. If any weird vibrations or pulses exist, get that checked before you go.

  • Make sure headlights, tail lights, and turn signals are all bright and visible. Check your hazard lights as well.

By checking everything ahead of time, you can make sure your trip is safe, smooth, and totally enjoyable.