The Mighty VIN

The toughest part about buying Honda and Acura parts online is the distinct possibility that whatever you receive will not be the genuine OEM, replacement part you had ordered. Lets face it, ordering online can be a real pain. The possibility of getting a mismatched part, a cheap knockoff or a refurbished part passed off as new, is something that occurs all the time. It may seem like the right thing to do is increase your diligence. That is one way to go for sure, but wouldn't you rather begin a relationship with an online parts warehouse that truly knows what you need for any given repair? Of course you would. The parts experts at are truly experts in the field and will get you the exact, genuine OEM components for your car, truck, or SUV.    

The HondaAcuraOnline VIN Identification System

We have developed a comprehensive VIN identification system to pinpoint the exact part for your specific vehicle. We all know what the VIN is, that number you need to have before the DMV will give you your licence plates or when getting an emissions test. Yes you know what the VIN is, but do you really know what it does? Well, it is similar to a birth certificate and a history of the vehicle at the same time. Everything you need to know about the vehicle on the day it left the factory is encoded into that 17 digit number. Keep in mind though, once the vehicle leaves the factory the VIN will not, and cannot change. All sorts of modifications and upgrades could have been made at the dealer and it is important to know such information. Regardless of what has been done to the vehicle, even when new, the VIN will be a good first resource.

Get the Right Parts The First Time

Generally, the warranty will prevent a series of massive modifications before the car is sold as new and the VIN is accurate enough for ordering almost any part available. The Honda VIN dictates manufacturing location, vehicle engine, color etc…, the year of production, the specific plant the vehicle was manufactured in and the unique vehicle. No two VIN numbers are alike and when ordering parts it is critical that you utilize the VIN identification system for a proper fit. So grab your VIN off of the door frame or the base of the windshield and check out all of the parts available for your Honda or Acura!