Keep It Cool!

This summer, it is extremely important to keep your car cool. Now, we are not referring to only your air conditioning system but also to your engine, transmission and even your battery. Keeping things cool is one of the best things you can do for your Acura and there are many different ways to maximize the everyday performance of your vehicle. The parts experts at Honda Acura Online carry the OEM factory replacement parts you need with the convenience of fast, accurate shipping. With our VIN look up, you will be able to find the parts you need, for your exact vehicle. This eliminates the options when it comes to which upgrades were installed on the vehicle. The key to finding the right parts is having the correct information and with Honda Acura Online, we help you find the right parts the first time.

Transmission Cooling

Now, most Acuras are not going to be towing a 10,000 pound boat to the lake, uphill, both ways. Just because you are not towing a massive amount of weight does not mean that your transmission cooling should be neglected. Conditions such as hills, dusty roads and stop and go driving in hot temperatures are all contributing factors to transmission overheat. The first component you should look at is the fluid and filter. Fluid in the transmission is one of the most effective means of cooling down the internal components. Transmission fluid acts sort of like a sponge, absorbing heat from the metal components and effectively dissipating the heat away from sensitive parts. The transmission filter is also critical to the performance of the transmission fluid. Dirty fluid or a clogged filter creates a situation in which the fluid will not flow as designed, essentially creating a bottleneck and dissipating heat in the wrong places. In extreme environments, it is sometimes advisable to mount an auxiliary transmission cooler to ensure that the fluid stays at a reasonable temperature. Changing your transmission fluid and filter will help you have a cool summer.

Engine Cooling

Engine cooling is a fairly complex system and each part must be in good working order for the system to work correctly. Engine cooling is accomplished in three ways, air, antifreeze and oil. The obvious cooling mechanism is air flowing through the engine compartment. This movement of air is generally not enough to cool the engine down to operating temperature and is effective in oil cooled engines. In your Acura, the air from the fan is generally not for cooling purposes anyway, it is for pulling air through the radiator and removing heat from the antifreeze. The antifreeze makes its way through the radiator and much like the transmission fluid, dissipates the trapped heat in an acceptable way.

Engine oil is a huge, and underappreciated, part of of engine cooling. As with transmission fluid, engine oil is responsible for a small part of the cooling and an oil cooler may be the way to keep it even cooler. Many vehicle owners do not realize that regular oil changes are an excellent way to keep your engine cool and increase efficiency. The antifreeze flows through orifices and passageways throughout your engine. If your antifreeze is not at the proper protection range, its effectiveness may be compromised. Even if you do not change the antifreeze, testing the effectiveness is advisable at least every year.

The Heat Factor

Heat is the number one killer of metal parts. In an engine, the metal combustion chambers are used to contain and harness the violent explosions that are harnessed as power. The more effective the engine is at removing heat, the more effective the combustion process will be. A cool air intake can boost performance of the combustion process by introducing air that is not scavenged from the hot engine compartment, rather cooler outside air is utilized. Each and every one of these parts is available from Honda Acura Online and matched to your VIN for the perfect fit the first time. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can guide you through the process of ordering your parts. So keep your car cool this summer with genuine Acura parts from Honda Acura Online!