City MPG vs. Highway MPG

When looking to purchase a new car, trying to figure out the overall fuel mileage on highways and in cities can be a tricky and time consuming feat. Where do these numbers come from? How do they get calculated? How do they compare with “real-world” driving? The auto specialists at Honda Acura Online are here to shed light on the miles-per-gallon discrepancy, so you can make the best informed decision on your next vehicle.

What is MPG?

Miles per gallon, or MPG, tells you how many miles your car can travel on a single gallon of gas. Through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cars are run through a series of federally mandated tests to determine their fuel efficiency. It’s worth noting that MPG numbers are simply estimates, since no two drivers are alike.  

City MPG vs. Highway MPG

Driving in a city requires you to be extremely alert and diligent when it comes to traffic rules and regulations. Aside from the constant stop-and-go of city traffic, city driving exposes you to a wide range of varying road conditions, from rocks to potholes to speedbumps. These jarring and unpredictable rides can wear and tear on a car’s suspension and engine, leading to future headaches and expensive repairs. Almost all cars and trucks have better gas mileage on the highway. With significantly less stop-and-go traffic than city driving, cruising on the highway can save you gas, time and money.


While real-world MPG’s and the Environmental Protection Agency’s MPG’s may not be identical, there shouldn’t be a large discrepancy between the two. At Honda Acura Online, we’re proud to provide our clients with top of the line auto parts and premier customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our genuine auto parts and accessories!