When Close Isn’t Close Enough

Sometimes when a part on your Acura or Honda needs to be replaced it’s easiest to run to one of the big parts stores down the street and hope that they’ve got what you need. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it’s an OEM part — you just need to get it replaced. Maybe it’s because of a time crunch or maybe it’s a part that doesn’t seem to be of vital importance to keeping the car running so you just throw whatever cheap part you can find at it and hope that it fixes the issue. Maybe it does fix it and everything is fine. But sometimes those aftermarket parts won’t even fit onto your car, or if they do it takes some work to seat it or it seems a little looser than you’re comfortable with.

When you have an important part on your car break, it’s critical to replace it with OEM Acura or Honda replacement parts. An aftermarket part might have been designed for your car, but it wasn’t necessarily designed to work on your car. That statement might seem odd, or that it doesn’t make sense, so here’s another way of thinking about it: if you needed a kidney transplant would you accept a synthetic kidney from a company who offers to sell it to you much more cheaply than a real, organic kidney? Wouldn’t you be surprised that the fake one was so cheap? Would you take their word that it’s going to fit? Are you comfortable that they got your blood and tissue type correct and matched it to the appropriate synthetic kidney? Would you be okay with your new kidney rattling around, or coming loose every once in awhile?

Obviously, a car part is (almost always) less important than a kidney, but it is still important that when you buy a part for your Honda or Acura that it is going to do what it’s supposed to do and that it will last. OEM parts aren’t “close enough” — they are the part that was designed and tested to fit in your car the proper way. When you buy an original Honda part from Honda Acura Online, you can drive secure in the knowledge that your new OEM part was designed and built as a part of the greater system that is your automobile, not a tiny section that was cut out and approximated.

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