The OEM Advantage, Part Two

In our last blog, we broke down the key differences between OEM, genuine, and aftermarket car parts. When you are shopping for car parts online, it is important to have as much advanced knowledge as possible. In this installment, we will highlight four key reasons that OEM and genuine parts are superior to aftermarket parts. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using OEM parts is the high level of convenience you are afforded when taking this route. When you are shopping for aftermarket parts, there can be a lot of guesswork involved. Using OEM parts ensures that you are getting a part that works with your car, without a doubt. 

OEM parts were chosen by your car maker during the design of your vehicle, so you know they will reliably work in your car. 

Many aftermarket parts claim to boost your car’s performance. This sounds great, but oftentimes it is either simply not true, or the claims are dramatically exaggerated. Most people want a part that is going to work well, and provide the performance that the car was designed to produce. OEM parts cover both of those bases very well. 

OEM parts come with a much better warranty than aftermarket parts, and are supported directly by your car maker, making it easier than ever to file a warranty claim. 

There you have it: the four main advantages that OEM and genuine car parts have over their aftermarket counterparts. If you are looking for the best genuine Honda and Acura parts resource on the web, look no further. Our VIN lookup tool makes it easier than ever to get the exact part you need, without the guesswork. Shop today, and contact us if you have any questions!